Alfredo Waldron is the founder and sole proprietor of AW Financial Services, a Clermont, FL based business specializing in Income tax preparation and Revenue Cycle Consulting. 

As a tax professional, Alfredo has helped individuals and families, navigate the complex US Tax Code. His years of experience and on-going tax education enable him to solve most tax issues.

Alfredo has been preparing income tax for more than 40 years, starting when the forms were manually prepared.  

His primary job has been in the Revenue Cycle area for 4 hospital during his years of work prior to his retirement at the end of 2021.  He is currently offering consulting services in this area.

Alfredo received his BS in Business Administration from Baruch College and has maintained his yearly education in taxes by passing the yearly exams from the IRS as well as the state of FL


Business Consulting

I offer my services as a business consultant who can help you make the right decisions for the future of your business. Whether you need advice on expanding your business, selling your business, or restructuring your business, I have the necessary business acumen and analytical capabilities to guide you through the process.

Tax Preparation & Planning

I can help you with tax preparation and planning to lower your tax liability. I can handle your personal and business tax issues and advise you on how they affect each other. I can find and use tax planning opportunities that you may not see. I keep up with the latest tax laws and changes and use them to cut your tax costs.

Accounts Receivable Review and Analysis

We will conduct a thorough analysis of your open accounts receivable (A/R) to identify any areas where you can improve your cash flow and reduce your bad debt. We will look for opportunities to optimize your invoicing process, collection strategies, and payment terms. 

Denial Review and Analysis

We will review your denials and provide feedback in areas that needs improvement. This means that we will examine the cases where your claims were rejected by the insurance company or the patient, and identify the root causes of the denials.

Patient Advocacy

We will assist patients with billing issues between provider or insurance and patient. We will help patients understand their medical bills and insurance coverage, and resolve any problems or disputes that may arise. 

High Dollar Account Follow-Up

We will review your high dollar accounts that are difficult to collect. We will analyze the accounts that owe us a large amount of money and have not paid us within the agreed time frame. We will look into the reasons why these accounts are delinquent, such as financial difficulties, disputes, or fraud.